IT Solutions for Your Industry

Banking & Financial Services

Financial services organizations recognize the changing security landscape and cite avoiding data breaches as their primary mandate, with banking compliance becoming their second most important driver.

Extremely sensitive and valuable data resides in the financial services sector—everything from personally identifiable information (PII) to check routing data to global stock and investment algorithms. The loss of this data and intellectual property has a major effect on a bank’s brand reputation and customer loyalty. When consumers and business customers place their trust and their money in your institution, your reputation for information security is paramount.


When a university’s IT environment isn’t performing at an A-level, it affects the performance of students, faculty and administration. HUSH leverages its partnerships with industry leaders such as Cisco, AWS, Azure and more to create IT environments that improve collaboration, increase security, streamline administrative and operational processes, consolidate network infrastructure and more. Wherever your IT needs may lie, HUSH has the expertise to help you create a more connected learning environment that benefits the entire campus including traditional and online.

Enterprise & Commercial

Every business looks for ways to improve its bottom line through increased efficiency, more productivity, and less wasted time and resources. HUSH principal architects are pros at spotting costly inefficiencies in your IT environment. We use our expertise and deep industry partnerships to create IT solutions that make your business better. But before we start any of that, we take the time to understand you and your business goals to ensure you’re getting the optimum solution for your business.


Connected governments are effective governments. Whether you’re rolling out programs, giving citizens a platform to be heard, or competing for talent and resources, it’s all about transforming your services and bolstering mission-critical priorities.


No business wants its systems to go down, but in a 24/7 environment like a hospital, downtime could be a matter of life and death. HUSH understands the dynamic nature of the healthcare space and we provide healthcare IT services that don’t let you down.